Monday, May 10, 2010

How Term Three is Going

Term three is going pretty good so far.I have hardly been getting homework in any subject, well if I do it is probably in math or English or as teachers "ELA". My first subject is ELA, i think this is one of my worst subject. I'm not that good at making summaries, reports and stuff like that. In health I'm doing pretty good but not the best. But health is pretty easy so I'm doing good now. I'm doing awesome in social. We are doing a cool clause right now in social, it is pretty fun. I'm getting A+ in social right now and i want to keep it an A+. I'm also have a A+Igym. We are playing games that are fun like dodge ball. In Computers, Art, Guidance, Health we do every week so i am doing good. I am getting an A. in Math and Science i am getting an A in those too. In my perspectiveI am doing good.

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