Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I am doing in Term 2

I was super happy with my term two marks because they were pretty good, well i think most of them were pretty good. I handed all my assignment on time for all subjects. I think i got A's in all subjects. I think I could work on writing stories and science but i am doing good in that. I am doing really good in computers getting the projects in. I know how to upload pictures on to my website and also a multi media presentation. My favorite subjects are Gym because we do lots of cool stuff like dodge ball. Also my other favorite subjects are social and french. My least favorite subjects are health and E.L.A. The subjects in the middle are math, science, guidance, art, and computers. I want to improve in writing stories for L.A. I think for sure I got an A in gym and computers.I not a big fan of art because we hardly ever do it. Another thingImade was a video for social on child poverty and children that they use in war in a lot of countries. A lot of these countries was in Africa. Overall I think I am not doing bad because i did not fail any subjects that I know of.

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