Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Term Two!

Well term 1 was a good term, I had a lot of A's. But i could do better. I could bump up my mark in art to an A. I also want to get an gold unroll instead of a silver unroll. I also would like all A+s. also i want to try harder in L.A. That is my term too goals.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Kindness and Chirstmas

Christmas is a time of year where family and friends gather. This is also a time where give gifts and get gifts in return. It is also at time to talk about family and a time to share the warmth of Christmas. You also pray That you stay safe over the holidays. Also you enjoy the home cooked meals that all of your family makes to share. Christmas is all so a time that you celebrate the birth of Jesus. So to me Christmas is not just a time where you get presents, it is a time where you celebrate the life of people on earth. Also to me it is a time to see family that you have not seen for a long time. So I hope I have a wonderful Christmas and all my friends and family too!Also it is a time to not fight and enjoy the good food!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Goals for Grade 8

This year I am in grade 8. I think this is going to be one of the best year of school, because I have Mr. Wiebe. my first goal that is to get an A in for every class. Next I want to get gold honor role in every term. I want to get a better mark science and social than I did last year. I also don't want to be in the office as much as last year, I would actually not like to be in the office once this year.I would also like to have the best year I ever had! I would also like to have and do the best heritage fair I ever had. I would like to keep my social, french, science, and math and keep it at an A, but I want to try for an A+ in all of them.Also i would like to have all my assignments in a day early, so I know it is done ontime. Also I would like to try harder in ever subject and assignments than i did last year.I would also like to read more at school and home, and i would like to read every night too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My thoughts on leaving grade 7 and what im doing this summer

I am very very excited!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be going into grade 8. Going into grade 8 next school year is that this is the last year in pilot butte school and then the year aftert that means i am going to greenall. It is also great that grade 8 is my last year in elementry school too. This summer is going to be one of the best summers i have ever had. The second or last day of school I might/ probly be going to lethbridge, alberta to help my uncle and his renters move to there new house. So i Will probly be there for a few days. Then till i go camping i will probly be at my grandpa's.

Monday, May 10, 2010

How Term Three is Going

Term three is going pretty good so far.I have hardly been getting homework in any subject, well if I do it is probably in math or English or as teachers "ELA". My first subject is ELA, i think this is one of my worst subject. I'm not that good at making summaries, reports and stuff like that. In health I'm doing pretty good but not the best. But health is pretty easy so I'm doing good now. I'm doing awesome in social. We are doing a cool clause right now in social, it is pretty fun. I'm getting A+ in social right now and i want to keep it an A+. I'm also have a A+Igym. We are playing games that are fun like dodge ball. In Computers, Art, Guidance, Health we do every week so i am doing good. I am getting an A. in Math and Science i am getting an A in those too. In my perspectiveI am doing good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I am doing in Term 2

I was super happy with my term two marks because they were pretty good, well i think most of them were pretty good. I handed all my assignment on time for all subjects. I think i got A's in all subjects. I think I could work on writing stories and science but i am doing good in that. I am doing really good in computers getting the projects in. I know how to upload pictures on to my website and also a multi media presentation. My favorite subjects are Gym because we do lots of cool stuff like dodge ball. Also my other favorite subjects are social and french. My least favorite subjects are health and E.L.A. The subjects in the middle are math, science, guidance, art, and computers. I want to improve in writing stories for L.A. I think for sure I got an A in gym and computers.I not a big fan of art because we hardly ever do it. Another thingImade was a video for social on child poverty and children that they use in war in a lot of countries. A lot of these countries was in Africa. Overall I think I am not doing bad because i did not fail any subjects that I know of.